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About us

Our products have been enjoying success on the adhesive technology markets for over 15 years now. During this time, UES AG has grown into a leading supplier for a wide variety of industries and fields of application. For many customers, UES system solutions have become an important step in production lines. We are continuing to develop our products and introduce new technologies in order to significantly improve quality and service times, the end result of which is state-of-the-art facilities and satisfied customers.

Our products, maintenance and customer service are all adapted to meet your requirements.

Our four promises to you!

1. With us, you'll always be one step ahead
Our innovative products and customer-oriented solutions help you to keep your technology up to speed, allowing you to introduce a reliable, cost-efficient system. Working closely with us, you will always be one crucial step ahead of competitors.

2. A promise is a promise
Do you have a module, hand-held glue applicator or another component which has broken down? Don't worry about it! Thanks to our large stock of spare parts, we are able to deliver over 90% of all  UES parts within 24 hours. If you have an emergency, just call us, order the required parts and a courier will be on their way to you in no time. We have direct access to more than 1,500 parts so we can keep your waiting times to a minimum. That's a promise!

3. We're only satisfied when you are
UES AG develops state-of-the-art hot glue adhesive systems. Our engineers design facilities which can be found in most packaging lines. Of course, certain customers may require a solution which has been tailored to their individual needs. We think outside of the box – our developers look forward to your requests and enjoy making suggestions which will suit your project down to the ground. Ask us and you won't be disappointed!

4. We're there when you need us
Good partners can always be reached when you need them. Give us a call – we'd be more than happy to offer you advice. If you have questions about an order process, our bridging service, organising a consignment warehouse, or the service hotline – our friendly staff would be happy to answer your questions around our service package. We're there for you!

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