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Hotmelt hoses

Hotmelt hoses

UES hotmelt hoses are the reliable connections between hotmelt system and application head. At standard lengths of up to 9.1 metres, the adhesive is kept at the set temperature, which ensures smooth application.
The robust hoses consist of a PTFE core with a smooth surface surrounded by stainless steel wire braiding. For the desired type of connection, the corresponding fitting is pressed with the basic hose. Any possible connector can be attached for this purpose. Heating conductor alloys and heating elements, which are of course VDE production monitored, ensure uniform heating over the entire length. The thermal insulation is adapted according to the conditions of use. Finally, a polyamide braided sleeving protects against abrasion as standard.

UES hot-melt hoses are compatible with hot-melt systems from other manufacturers. Special designs are possible without any problems. Please inquire.


  • highly flexible
  • Outer diameter 50 mm
  • Inner diameter (glue core) 8 mm
  • for temperatures up to 200°C
  • pressure resistant up to 200 bar
  • ready for connection to systems of other manufacturers on request

For special applications we offer the following variations:

  • Protection class IP65
  • Optimized for robot applications
    • Durable plastic corrugated hose
    • spring probe
  • Niro-Flex - for high mechanical loads
  • Mini/hand hose with an outer diameter of 32mm and a glue core of 6mm
  • specialized in polyurethane adhesives
    • with exchangeable glue core
    • inside diameter (glue core with stainless steel braiding) from 7 - 13mm
Hotmelt hoses