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Slot-nozzle glue applicator


Different slot nozzle applications need a flexible component system which allows combining the necessary properties. We build the best glue applicators to suit your needs.


  • High-quality materials in an intelligent modular design
  • Contact applications with sharp edges starting at 10 mm application width
  • Individual application mask thicknesses, inlaid or milled out
  • Micro adjustment of modules for exact glue flow rate and distribution
  • Air supply shared, individual or segmented
  • Optionally available with filter attachment
  • Holders or gun mounting points on customer request
  • 3-sided glue connection or design on customer request
  • Air opening/spring closing
  • Also available with H340 AOAC module technique
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers
  • Application can be defined by counter plate or mask
  • Thickness of the mask determines the application volume
  • Recommended 3/2-ways solenoid valve: Art.-No 100212